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CAR RADIO DECODING                                        

This service is for units not covered by our 
serial number decoding service.
Manual decodes have to be sent to our workshop for decoding, we read the code from a memory IC (EEprom) inside the car radio, the lock counter is also reset if required, the radio will then be reassembled, checked and sent back with the correct code printed on the invoice.


EEprom - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

These are some of the tools and methods we use for decoding and programming car radios, some radios can be decoded by connecting a probe to the EEprom, others need the EEprom removing.
We have programmers for all types of EEproms and 
micro processors, with regular software updates we can decode the latest models.

These images show the removal of a 24C32 serial EEprom from a Philips car CD player.
EEprom is then connected to the programmer and decoded.

Some EEproms can be decoded/programmed in-ciruit, without removal, this is done by connecting a SOIC clip.

The radio on the right is more difficult to decode, the micro processor has to be removed as the EEprom that stores the code is inside it. This decode takes around an hour.


This is part of an EEprom dump from a Philips Car CD player, the radio code is stored on the bottom line (9882), the EEprom also stores other data, such as, the radio serial number and radio station presets.


All manual decodes are done and re-sent the same day they arrive.

Decodes can be done while-u-wait at our shop.  Note: some models can take up to 1hr.