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All makes and models repaired, LCD screens, Touch screen digitizers and Charging Ports are common repairs done to mobile phones.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacment.

iphone 6 screen replacement

Sony Screen Replacment.

Sony Phone repair

                                                Samsung USB Charging Port Replacment.

samsung usb repair

We keep common parts like screens, charge ports and batteries in stock and can often repair
your phone
the same day.




Mobile phone unlocking can be done while-u-wait at our workshop. We have the latest unlocking tools for most mobile phones and our software is upgraded constantly to cover new models. iPhones and some other smart phones can take 1-10 days to unlock as they are done through the Manufacturers. Most other phones can be done within half an hour.

Why do i need my phone unlocked?

If you want to use your vodafone phone on O2 you will need to have your phone unlocked. When your phone is unlocked it will accept any sim card worldwide and won't be restricted to the original network.

How does unlocking work?

We connect your phone to a computer via an unlocking/flashing tool (see below), the software changes part of the data in the phones flash chip and enables the phone to be used on all networks.

What is Flashing?

Inside all mobile phones is a Flash chip which store data that makes your phone work, this includes, the phones operating system, phone books, images, audio, serial number, and phone locks.

If your phone develops problem such as, not switching on, white display, switching itself off, or running slow it will probably be a software fault, we can flash the phone with the original firmware or updated firmware to restore the phone to full working order. This also de-brands the phone and removes the original networks logos and menus which often slow the phone down.

Some of the unlocking/flashing equipment we use to unlock your phones