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 LAPTOP / PC REPAIRS                                                                       LAPTOP OVERHEATING??  - CLICK HERE


We repair hardware and software faults in your PC or laptop, anything from virus removal to Circuit Board Repair, can be done at our workshop. 

We have a high success rate with water damaged laptops, most of the time they just need a good internal clean and keyboard replacement.

Damaged power/charger sockets are also a very common fault in laptops, we have new sockets in stock for most models.


laptop repairs at Radiowaves

Common faults with laptops and PC's

  • Dead / No power / won't switch on
  • Won't charge
  • No display
  • No Backlight
  • Broken screen replacement
  • Water damage removal/repair
  • Keyboard/mouse-pad faults
  • Overheating
  • DVD drive not reading
  • Windows won't start
  • Virus/spyware/malware removal
  • Wi-fi not working
  • USB/Network/Power sockets loose (bad connections)
  • Data recovery (including USB drives and memory cards)

We repair and supply laptop chargers and power cables.

pc repairs at radiowaves

Images from previous repairs.

As well as the easier jobs like screen replacment, we also repair Laptop Circuit Boards, Diagnosing and replacing faulty components, instead of the full board. These types of repairs are more complicated and can take a bit longer.

            pcb repairs at Radiowaves    

Laptops run at a very high temperature and air circulation is important, If you Laptop is overheating it could just need a cleanout, dust gathers up next to the internal fan and restricts airflow, the job below was overheating and switching off after about 20 minutes, after a cleanout it was back to full working order.

                 Before Cleaning...

                 After Cleaning....